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What is PRIME?

OPOS Prime is a premium subscription based service for all those who have experienced OPOS and fully believe in its power to make the world a better place.

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All OPOS PRIME members would receive an exclusive cookbook, OPOS Prime Cookbooklet - Bi annually!


The OPOS Cookbook Library has been seeing a steady growth ever since the release of our first OPOS Cookbook: 5 Minute Magic in Jan 2018.

70+ books authored by various Opostars and compiled by our in-house Cookbook Team, our books are constantly updated to reflect our ever-evolving techniques.


OPOS Crash Course is a comprehesive program that enables every Opos support group member to earn the most coveted OPOStar tag and on the path to author their own book.

OPOS Prime members get an extra 30 day time period to finish the crash course. 120 days of Hard work and you are all set to become an OPOStar!

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OPOS100 Transform
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OPOS100 InitiatePro


The goal at OPOS100 is to do to health and fitness what OPOS has done for food. With OPOS, we have demystified, deskilled and empowered people to cook.

At OPOS100 we focus on all aspects of health and wellness – physical, mental and emotional, backed by science.

Our programs address inflammation leading to healthy weight loss, reversing lifestyle diseases and restoring metabolism with a low-carb and grain-free approach.


OPOS masterclass is a comprehensive course in OPOS that lays a firm foundation for you to make your daily cooking easier, healthier, tastier and more colourful. There are multiple modules designed to help a complete newbie/ an experienced cook to start OPOS systematically. 

The classes are divided into Basic Module, Advanced module, Festive specials, Technique specific modules, personalized masterclass.

The Basic module has 8 lessons, spread across 30 days.

Advanced module has 6 lessons spread across 3 weeks training you to excel in advanced techniques like sugar syrup hack, controlled evaporation, cold pressure frying etc

Special discounts and exclusive free masterclasses for Prime members

Get access to 1000s of recipes


The OPOSchef App is the largest repository of Indian cooking videos, with over 7000 recipes all handpicked and backed by continuously updated videos. 

All videos are shot live and are guaranteed to work exactly the same way for everyone. Every single recipe has been validated multiple times by our OPOS community. 

Our goal is to ensure that the OPOSChef App becomes indispensable for all the users & serves as a one-stop reference manual for our future generations.

OPOS Biriyani Co operative

Franchise models are very expensive. International franchises cost over a crore. Less popular ones cost 50 to 80 lakhs. Home grown franchisees cost over Rs.10 lakhs per outlet.

Keeping all in mind, we have initiated OPOS CookBot Cooperative(mini franchise) which enables anyone to get into food business. This is an effortless, least risky and most economical way to get into it and also to generate a regular source of income from the comfort of your homes.

This business will turn into a multimillion dollar business empowering thousands. It is open for everybody. Any of you could have your own mini franchise, with a minimal investment.


We believe this model is suited for places where real estate costs, staff costs are high. It also assures 100% quality and consistency, which a chef-driven model cannot.

For any further queries, please write to us at [email protected].

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